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Research and Destroy

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After winning the Norwegian grammy award and playing live on TV, The Good The Bad and The Zugly are ready to try their luck again with a new album and a big tour! Their sixth album named "Research and Destroy" will be released in april 2022 and is produced by Anders Nordengen.

With pitch black humor, words of wisdom and Europe's best song titles, Norwegian punk rockers The Good the Bad and the Zugly have built a dedicated following with their blend of panoramic scandi-rock, tongue-in-cheek 90s rock and catchy skate punk. In these times where everybody is supposed to optimize themselves by changing and renewing, Zugly feels as they are "good enough as they are" and keeps going with the same recipe as always.

Hailing from the drug economy in Oslo, and with long periods on both sides of the legendary rock bar Last Train behind them, they have seen their share of the "behind the scenes" of life. Social inequality is at an all time top, and the band knows the social reality of our time better than most after class divisions arose within the band when frontman Ivar Nikolaisen was suddenly caught up in a rock star life in Kvelertak. Thus, GBZ with a greater ethos than before can spit out their lyrics, which are a blissful mix of internal jokes and scorching social criticism, too true to be said without being covered by a layer of Scandi guitar solos!

Ivar Vocals
Eirik Lead guitar & backing vocals
Kim Guitar & backing vocals
Magne Drums & backing vocals
Zugly Bass & backing vocals

All songs by TGTBATZ.

Additional backing vocals by Peter Larsson, Anders Nordengen, PK Aronsen and
Ellen Gulbrandsen. Trumpet on track #1 by Sindre Blostrupmoen Mølmen.

Produced by Eirik Melstrøm and Anders Nordengen. Recorded at Toproom Studio, Hadeland, September 2021.
Mixed by Anders Nordengen at Urban Sound Studio, Oslo, October 2021.
Mastered by Ruben Willem, Oslo, November 2021.

Coverart by Flu Hartberg.

Thanks to Anders Nordengen, Kristian Kallevik & Fysisk Format, Peter Larsson, PK Aronsen, Sindre Blostrupmoen Mølmen, Morten Lunde, Joffe Myrvold, Flu Hartberg, Børge Finstad, Last Train and United Stage Norway.

Released with support from Fond For Utøvende Kunstnere and Fond For Lyd og Bilde.


1. What's My Rage Again?
2. Song For A Prepper
3. Bridge and Tunnel Guy
4. The PKA Took My Money Away
5. Nostradumbass

6. Diet 1-2-3
7. The Power of Beer
8. One-Dimensional Man
9. The Original Incel
10. Here Come The Waterworks