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Another Wasted Night

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Perhaps best remembered for the fine hardcore rendition of \"Voices Carry\" -- the song made famous in the \'80s by \'Til Tuesday -- Another Wasted Night is the debut recording for Taang! records from Boston punk legends Gang Green. This rambunctious young punk band did for the East Coast what J.F.A. were doing for the Southwest in Phoenix: helping to create skatepunk music without as much of the apocalyptic, angry, or depressed sentiment that many L.A. punk and metal groups seemed obsessed with at the time. While not quite as overtly negative, the music on Another Wasted Night certainly doesn\'t lack ferocity. Standout tracks include the title cut \"Another Wasted Night,\" some party-themed numbers like \"19th Hole,\" and other high-speed sendups like \"Sold Out Alabama\" and \"Protect and Serve.\" Like many debuts, Another Wasted Night successfully captures its creators at their rawest and most inflammatory. Even throwaway cuts like the sophomoric \"Skate to Hell\" and \"Crocodile Rock\" burn with a kind of goofball passion. While it might not be a masterpiece, this record is critical for fans of the band and early East Coast hardcore and punk.