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Millencolin same old tunes

Same Old Tunes

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EPIT 26545-1

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After Epitaph's re-release of Millencolin's sophomore outing, Life on a Plate, became an unqualified success, the label decided to offer the band's other Scandinavia-only full-length, Tiny Tunes, to American listeners. Warner Bros. had expressed some displeasure regarding the debut's artwork and title, so after Millencolin's Swedish label home, Burning Heart, changed the record's cover and title, it was shipped across the Atlantic in 1998. The aptly renamed Some Old Tunes features much faster, more traditional punk anthems than Life on a Plate. There are enough catchy choruses and dynamic arrangements to satisfy {pop-punk} listeners impressed with the Swedish outfit's first U.S. disc. Leading off with the well-crafted standout Mr. Clean, Some Old Tunes is an unrelenting collection of raw, energetic songwriting that includes other highlights like Diznee Time and Leona. Fans of Millencolin, and '90s {pop-punk} in general, are sure to enjoy Some Old Tunes, a disc that might not be quite as accomplished as the group's other American offerings, but one that still deserves a strong recommendation. ~ Vincent Jeffries, All Music Guide