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After releasing and supporting their debut “Angst” with a string of live shows, the band struggled to keep a steady line up and ended up losing two of its members in the process. The band was hanging on by the skin of their teeth until a new core member could be inducted. The last couple of years Kollapse has been mutating and its members have been diving headfirst into a process of reshaping the artistic core of the band. Just as the band was solidifying as a trio the entire country went on lock down. Being isolated in the northern part of Denmark added to the pressure cooker effect of pent up frustration.

Creating the new album was a struggle.
As a trio the band is more focused than ever, both in terms of subject matter as well as sound. On “Sult” the band lets their heavy noise rock and 90’ies influences shine through with a sharp almost “you are there in the room” feel and intensity. The record stands as a testament to willpower.

The album itself is about hunger:
The absence of skin on skin and the catastrophic consequences when that hunger turns into desperation. It is about the duality of searching for purpose and losing all in the process. Staring long and hard into the void and realizing the futility of struggle. Sult is a statement on desire, grief and the pure human necessity to scream back at an empty existence. it is a step onto the road of grim realism paved by mavericks such as Edward Munch, Carl Th. Dreyer and Stig Sæterbakken. Offering no solutions or postmodern irony, “Sult” simply reaches out.

Existentialism and force collide.
Life plods on, until it doesn’t.


1. Drift
2. Knæler
3. Drukner
4. Byrd
5. Libido
6. Der hvor jeg tænker er der altid mørkt

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