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Fysisk Format is a record label based in Oslo, Norway, run from the basmenent of Tiger Records

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FYSISK FORMAT Apr 20th 2018
16.9 EUR

250x on black vinyl.

Kongsberg, Norway 5-piece Haraball strike back with their third album on Fysisk Format: HYPNO!

Whilst the first two albums have been praised by the underground punk press for their blitzing fast and catchy hardcore, the listeners are in for something slightly different this time.

HYPNO is without a doubt our strongest work, and the thought of having to surpass it is dreadful. These are dangerous tracks and we can't really recommend them to anyone."

HYPNO is recorded and mixed by Haraball-guitarist Trond Mjøen and mastered by Chris Sansom. The artwork is, like all previous Haraball covers, drawn by Esra Røise.

1. Intro
2. Hog Peni
3. Coyotes
4. Bacterion
5. White Chickens
6. Blücher
7. Hypno
8. The Pit
9. Authority Magnet
10. Paranoia Eggs
11. Potatoes