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Sondre Lerche Avatars of the night LP

Avatars Of The Night







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A 2xLP album of remixes, reworks, new versions, solo demos and live recordings of all the songs from “Avatars Of Love”. Some versions are unrecognizable and invite you to leave behind what you've come to know and enter all new rooms and moods. Other numbers zoom in on the song, the songwriting and its moment of creation. "My Love Still Waits" finally comes home, translated into Portuguese, jazz pianist Maria Kannegaard does her take on “The Other Side Of Ecstasy” while Stina Stjern has reworked “Dead Of The Night” completely. There are two live recordings, one with only a saxophone trio, the other backed by a 32 member women's choir. Remixes by Norwegian house royalty Lindstrøm, Belgian ambient artist Roméo Poirier, and the American legend of experimental music, William Basinski to name a few. There are also two original songs that could not physically fit on the original LP.

“Making Avatars Of Love was the most exciting and all-encompassing challenge so far in my career. One of the great joys and privileges I have when my work writing and recording is done, is to be able to reach out to other artists that I admire, and ask them if they'd be interested in making something else out of my songs.” – Sondre Lerche


A1. Sunset Tower In The Rain
A2. Avatars Of Love - Lindstrøm Remix
A3. O Amor Ainda Espera
A4. Now She Sleeps Beside Me - mmeadows Remix
B1. Turns Out I’m Sentimental After All - Roméo Poirier Rework
B2. What Makes Me Tick - Early Demo
B3. Guarantee That I’d Be Loved - Bayonne Remix
B4. The Other Side Of Ecstasy - Maria Kannegaard Trio
C1. Summer In Reverse - Sparkle Division Remix
C2. Cut - Bendik HK Remix
C3. Will We Ever Comprehend - Solo Version
C4. Special Needs - Live from Avatars Of Love In The Dead Of The Night
D1. Dead Of The Night - Stina Stjern Cassette Tape Rework
D2. Alone In The Night - Demo for AURORA
D3. Magnitude Of Love - Live from Avatars Of Love In The Dead Of The Night
D4. The Most Savage Joke