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Joel and the Neverending Sextet

Pouring Textures

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The Neverending Sextet is led by the Swedish bassist, cellist, and composer Joel Ring. The music reflects the bandleader’s characteristics and sources of inspiration. Here you’ll find melodic jazz tunes, longing melodies, and rich soundscapes.

Ring: "As a bandleader and composer, I find great inspiration in textures and patterns. Textures and patterns that exist in our everyday lives and that we interact with daily, both physically and visually. It can be statically cold but also natural and organic textures that possess many inspiring details."

And the inspiration has indeed manifested itself in sweet-sounding music. The opening track is, to use a timeless jazz expression, hip. The next one, burning. The third track keeps the intensity up and brings the listener into the fine world of free jazz. The fourth track opens with a drum spectacle that turns into a hit of a song that immediately awakens the desire to dance. The album ends with a mournful melody and a low-key, painting soundscape.

Together, there is drive and youthful courage, virtuosity, and melodic flair. Joel Ring has done a great job in writing the music, putting together the ensemble and making the cover art. Pouring Textures is a good title that refers to the fact that both the tight, swinging grooves and the loose parts on this record that can be reminiscent of a flowing stream of euphony.


1. Today's Special
2. Circles and Loops
3. Wobble Wobble
4. Pouring Textures
5. See You