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The First Songs

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Jens Carelius’ debut album is finally available in the format for which this recording was intended. Jens Carelius received a lot of great reviews in Norway’s newspapers for this album when it was released in early 2008, and in many ways, The First Songs paved the way for the follow-up, The Beat Of The Travel, which was a success in the autumn of 2009. On The First Songs, his inspiration from acoustic folk rock becomes apparent, and lines can be drawn back to the classic British folk scene in the 60s and early 70s, fronted by Bert Jansch. In many ways, Jens Carelius’ sound on his debut is like a mixture of a psychedelic Donovan and the aforementioned Bert Jansch. Great edition on 140g vinyl containing four previously unreleased songs.

Side A
1. Song#1
2. Sonja
3. Summer Skin
4. Along The Keys
5. Lay Down Your Love
6. Our Freedom Is Now Yours
7. Come Back To Me
8. On Through The Morning

Side B
1. The First
2. Quicker The Run
3. The Heat
4. Our Freedom Is Now Yours
#2 Prevlously unreleased:
5. A Troubled Mind
6. The Wheel
7. In Time

8. Don’t Leave Me This Way