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Let Me Tell You: Singles And Outtakes

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Experience the rough-edged sound of Scandinavian freakbeat pioneers Firebeats, INC. Their legendary 1966 self-titled album has already been reissued by Round 2, but we just couldn’t stop there. This record is a compilation of Firebeats,

INC.’s sixties singles output, collecting every A- and B-side from the era. The songs are mainly group originals written by band leader Yngve Bjerke, but they also did some amazing cover-versions; Johnny Rivers’ Secret Agent Man get a Norwegian makeover (Hemmelig agent) and the band tackle the grandiosity of Neil Sedakas Be My Baby as made famous by The Ronettes.

Side 2 features newly discovered rehearsal recordings containing cover-versions recorded by the band themselves onto ¼ inch tape. Step into the time machine and take a trip to 1960’s Oslo.

Music remastered from original tapes. New extensive liner notes, cover- / label-scans, and original 50×70 cm promo poster!

SIDE A (singles):
1.Don't Throw Stones (Yngve Bjerke)
2.Why Have I That Feeling (Yngve Bjerke)
3.Let Me Tell You (Yngve Bjerke)
4.Little Girl (Yngve Bjerke)
5.Hemmelig agent (P.F. Sloan/Steve Barri/Yngve Bjerke)
6. Vi skal ikke klage (P.F. Sloan/Steve Barri/Yngve Bjerke)
7.Oh, Carol (Sedaka/Greenfield)
8.Be My Baby (Spector/Greenwich/Barry)

SIDE B (outtakes and demos):
1. Let Me Tell You (instrumental) (Yngve Bjerke)
2. Around And Around (Chuck Berry)
3. I Feel Fine (Lennon/McCartney)
4. Buckleshoe Stomp (Sandland/Boulden/Spencer)
5. If You Need Me (Wilson Pickett)
6. It’s So Easy (Buddy Holly/Norman Petty)
7. Jack The Ripper (Stacy/Stacy/Haggin/Simmons)
8. The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Lina/Peretti/Creatore/Weiss/Stanton)